DUI Defense

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How does it work?

Case researched by your lawyer.
Your lawyer needs to get an understanding of your case, for example- your prior DUI record, if people were injured or if there are other relevant elements in the case investigation.
Initial court hearing.
This is when the charges against you will be officially read out in court and you will enter your plea for the court record.
Agreement with prosecutor.
In some cases, an agreement can be reached with the prosecutor to lessen the punishment that you will receive for the charge.
We go to trial.
If an out of court agreement cannot be reached for your case, your lawyer will represent you at trial and fight for the best outcome available in the circumstances.
Case resolved.

Case researched by your lawyer.

First, your lawyer will need to get an understanding of your case, for example: do you have DUI priors on your record, were people injured in the event or are there other significant elements in the case.

Transparent & affordable
flat fee pricing

Transparent & affordable
flat fee pricing

Know what you’ll pay upfront. With understandable and affordable pricing, it’s easy to get started on your case right away.

Marble over time

Convenient monthly payment plan with only a small upfront fee. Apply in minutes through an easy realtime process.

Marble discount

Get 10% off your entire case fee if you pay upfront at the beginning of your engagement.
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What people are saying

“I really appreciate that Marble Law was very quick to respond to my needs...  The staff is impeccable as well and always are available. I would highly recommend this firm.”

Sherrie T

Sacramento, California

“I got Marc assigned as my attorney (previously I had talked to another attorney and he told me that it would be impossible for me to get a plea on my DUI). Today I signed a plea … Marc made it to my part of the woods in less than 24 hours. He made sure that I understood everything that was going on every step on the way and he was very responsive to my calls and messages. If you want outstanding representation Marble Law is the place to get it!”

Anna A

San Diego, California

“My experience with Marble has been smooth sailing. Everyone is nice and is adamant with responses, even just to check in if there hasn't been an update just yet. I still feel heard and the process was thorough and simple. ”

Taylor M

Fresno, California

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