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Meet Anna

After being told by another law firm that her DUI case would never reach a successful plea deal, Anna was astounded when the team at Marble Law were able to get her an outcome she no longer believed was possible - a plea deal!
Anna A.
San Diego, California

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What to do when applying for a green card

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How do you prepare for a citizenship interview

Before applying for a green card, you should first find out whether you are eligible under the various green card categories.
After determining your eligibility, file your Green Card application with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and identify your green card category, whether it is work-based, family-based, or lottery-based.
Depending on your category, adhere to the application process, including attending interviews.
Fulfill all your admission requirements, including providing proof of authentic family relationship for a family-based green card and proof of employment or other qualifications for an employment-based green card
What to do when applying for a green card

It’s an agreement between yourself, Marble PC and the other licensed attorney(s) (LSPs) who will be helping you with your case. It will only come into effect once it has been signed by all three parties.